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More Progress: Cathedral and Statue

Ok, last update on this cathedral area until it’s “done” (it’s due for class this Tuesday). I’ve been working a lot on adding some more atmospheric stuff such as rubble and a lit torch in the hallway (which I’ve been … Continue reading

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On Flashlights

A key aspect of almost all horror games is how the player interacts with darkness: a darkness which is, perhaps, the most universal aspect of the horror genre itself. Usually in a game the player is given a source of … Continue reading

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More Cathedral Progress

Again, nothing much to say, but I thought I’d do another quick update on my cathedral. I’ve been making a lot of progress. The textures and lighting are coming out nicely, but still need quite a bit of tweaking. Now … Continue reading

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Progress: Cathedral of the Golden Lady

I don’t have much to say, but I thought I’d post what I’ve been spending most of my time working on recently: the cathedral I talked about a bit in my last post. I’ve decided to have it more built … Continue reading

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Architecture and Level Design

Before coming to RMCAD for Game Art, I spent 2 years at University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Architecture. Ever since I first started seriously thinking about game design, I had the idea that level design is basically the same as architecture, … Continue reading

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