More Cathedral Progress

Again, nothing much to say, but I thought I’d do another quick update on my cathedral. I’ve been making a lot of progress. The textures and lighting are coming out nicely, but still need quite a bit of tweaking. Now that I’ve got textures with normal maps in there, the lighting especially will need a lot of work (normal maps depend on light shining across them, so I’ll need to adjust the lights to bring out the detail where I want to, and vice versa). And I have work to do on shaders; I’m only using default shaders right now, and some things require more complexity. And of course I still need to put in the shaft of light coming from the hole in the dome.

I’m excited to start populating the scene with props and such. Still not sure what all I’m going to put in there. Some kind of arts in some of the alcoves, some rubble and such, and of course the central statue. The statue is going to be a process unto itself, I have the basic concept, but I haven’t even actually started designing it yet.

And on to the stuff that’s interesting:

"Exterior" view of the cathedral. I'm still going to have a lot of work to do for this level after I finish the"inner chamber" area. There'll be some rooms above the hallway, and I may add some rooms to explore coming off the first floor.

The hallway in Maya.

The domed chamber, in Maya (with pillars and wall hidden so you can see inside).

Inside the domed chamber, in Unity. The monolith in the middle is a placeholder, which will replaced by a statue.

View from above.

Looking back down the hallway. That little capsule in the distance is the size of the player.

In the eyes of the player.

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One Response to More Cathedral Progress

  1. Daev says:

    This is looking great. I’m going to suggest if the statue is in the war youcan put a light source in the water with a caustic texture map to light the statue, even the space around it can have some caustic bounce using texture maps on the light.

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