More Progress: Cathedral and Statue

Ok, last update on this cathedral area until it’s “done” (it’s due for class this Tuesday). I’ve been working a lot on adding some more atmospheric stuff such as rubble and a lit torch in the hallway (which I’ve been spending probably too much time on), as well as continuing to tweak lighting on textures. I’m happy with how it’s looking, but I definitely still have a lot to do before Tuesday.

In Maya.

In Unity with lights turned off (this one is a bit older than the Maya screenshot above). The statue down there is just a placeholder until I get it finished.

With some atmospherics (which I've gotten looking better since I took this screenshot)

Looking down the hall


I’ve also been working on the statue that will be in the pool of water at the center of the dome/stairwell chamber. It’s a statue of Numi-Torem, the father of The World Surveyor Man (aka Mir-susne-khum). I don’t think I’ve explained on here yet, but I’m planning on trying to tell most of the mythological back-story through imagery: through statues and drawings/engravings on walls.

Very early (and gross looking) sculpt.

Getting closer..

Finished sculpt. Sort of. Still need to finish retopologizing it, and I'll have to UV and texture it.

I'm happy with how the antler's came out, though they still need some editing in Maya to get rid of usless polys.


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