Here’s my Boy

Thought I’d do a quick addendum to the last post, showing what I did yesterday and this morning in ZBrush.

I probably need to work on the face anatomy a bit more, but I'm happy with how it's looking.

And now, onto texturing! I’ve been taking reference pictures of some of my own clothes for the textures, which is a lot easier to do than trying to find stuff online, because I can get exactly the pictures I want at a really high resolution. But it’s neat because now this character is, in a way, going to be wearing some of my clothes. Right now it’s just going to be the jeans and gloves, but unless I can find better reference for the jacket, I might remodel it a bit and use one of my own jackets.

And I guess I’ll link this, too:
(It’s a lot easier to link to that page than it is to the source, since both parts of the podcast are collected in one place in the article. Also that website, even though they only do PC games, is by far the best news source I’ve found for video games.)
Listened to it last night, and it was awesome. Ken Levine (the “director”, or whatever it should be called for video games, of Bioshock 1 and Infinite) and Del Toro both make some really interesting points. And it’s really cool to hear two such inspired and intelligent people talking about what they love to do. I especially like what they say about monsters having to be relatable to really be monstrous.
And I’ll definitely be looking forward to that game that Del Toro is working on. But not too much, I have mixed feelings about Del Toro. I feel like he has a lot of incredible ideas, but his executions of said ideas are always flawed. Really I think he just needs to find a great screenwriter to pair up with. Someone who can give his great ideas a better structure.

Well, time to get back to work.

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