Quick campsite update

Well, apparently I only do blog posts in phases. I decided to do a quick update of the riverside campsite before I go to bed. It’s come quite a ways since the last post, even so to warrant an update. I still have most of the props to texture, but hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have it in a finished state.

Can’t really see in the screen shots, but I now have a Duluth pack leaning against the canoe, a skillet and a pot by the river, and a coffee pot by what will be the fire. I actually have the beginnings of the fire in there now, but I’m too lazy to take new screen shots.

Also, if the lit screen shots are showing up really dark for anyone, it’d be nice to know. My monitor seems to have a habit of randomly getting brighter. Sometimes I’ll think I got lighting perfect, then open it the next day and find it to be almost pitch black.

Well, time for bed.

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