Final(?) campsite update

This campsite scene has come quite a ways since my last post, most notably in props and lighting. I think I’m ready to call “done”, by which I mean I need to stop working on it and start working on other environments. I still have a fair amount of things that I’d like to do–such as building the interior of the tent and making the flaps dynamic cloth–but I definitely need to start planning things out on a larger scale at a basic level so I can start figuring out how things connect and such, rather than spending a couple weeks perfecting a single scene. I think the rest of my exterior scenes will take a lot less time now that I’ve had the experience of doing this one, I’ve definitely learned a lot from it. Now I just need to put in sound effects and start scripting some events.

I’ve also been working on the cathedral quite a bit, doing some scripting as well as fleshing out the aisles. The lighting in the aisles definitely needs work, and I want to figure out some smaller things to put in there to help give the spaces scale.  I might actually be rebuilding the cathedral within Unity. At this point that sounds rather unappealing, but I’ve been building the entire thing as one model from Maya and exporting it all at once, which, as I learned yesterday, isn’t how things are ever done normally. To be more of a  Pro, I’m probably going to go in and seperate all the modular pieces of the model–i.e., sections of the hall and aisles–and import each separately and make them into prefabs to build with. So basically, I’d have a bunch of stock pieces with some special ones, such as the aisle sections with tentacleroots breaking through the wall and whatnot, which I’d then snap together to construct the overall space. It’ll probably make things go a lot faster in the future (because I’ll be able to make pieces with the lighting already built in etc bla bla bla), and it’d be good practice to do things Professionally. So, guess I better do it.

The statue is a prototype/placeholder, the final thing should be finished pretty soon.

And here’s an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK of another part of the cathedral which is mostly a prototype right now, because why not.

Well, that’s all for now. COMING SOON: My thoughts about the excellent remake of Dear Esther. That might be later tonight, actually. And hopefully soon I’ll have some “thoughts” posts about Portal 2 and Bastion and Metal Gear Solid 3.. all those games I played or finished over last break that I’ve been meaning to write about for the past couple months.

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