Update: Wolf Renders and Chapel Ruins

Nothing much to say, just wanted to do a quick update. Finally got around to posing the ol’ wolf creature in zbrush to do some renders for my portfolio. They ended up coming out fairly illustrative looking which isn’t really what I was going for, but I’m happy with them, and I think they do a good job showing off the subtleties of the sculpt and textures.

This chapel I actually first did a while ago, using it for a class, but I decided to go back and really fix it up before putting it in Katabasis. I took the model down to less than half the number of polys, and have been making it look much more run-down. The modeling is still in progress, but I’ve decided on some new textures as well which will look much nicer. This one will probably end up being a big portfolio piece; I’m planning on rendering it in a couple different lighting scenarios.

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One Response to Update: Wolf Renders and Chapel Ruins

  1. the wolf model looks awesome! the hairlessness (which i should have picked up from the untextured ones) looks great – there’s something innately unsettling about hairless versions of animals that are normally furry – it definitely suits!

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