Dangit: Katabasis Delay

Yup. Had everything ready to go last night, then ran into a big problem with light maps and  something to do with how Unity handles loading textures. Basically, with baked light maps, the second level gets a lot of errors/crashes. Without the light maps, it’s fine, but light maps go a long way in optimizing.

I did manage to do a build for both Mac and PC earlier today, but it’s been a really hectic day and I haven’t had time to test either. I’m leaving in four hours for a wedding then Siggraph in California, so at this point I think it’d be better to wait until I keep back so I have the time to take my time testing it, and see if I can’t get the problem fixed. We’ll see, I might just have to release it with realtime lighting for the second level (which actually worked well enough on my computer last time I played through without lightmaps), or maybe I’ll be able to get some help from Unity support. The problem seems to be a bit beyond my control. I was tempted to just put up the builds I did today, but I think ultimately it’d be better to delay it and take the time to make sure it works the best it can.

So, Katabasis should now be released mid August, I expect around the 12th.

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