Quick Katabasis release update

Just a quick update about Katabasis:
It’s now up on IndieDB (and ModDB, the sites are connected)!
The file is hosted on their servers, so now it’s a single .zip file to download instead of two .rars. I also included two posters that I made for the game, in the “Extras” folder.
Link to the IndieDB page:

I was originally just going to put it up on Desura, but apparently that’s connected to IndieDB/ModDB, so it automatically went up on those, which I’m really glad about. I hadn’t even thought of putting it on there. The communities on both sites are very active, and it might be a good way to get the game out there a little extra to see what more people think. I’m really interested to see what people think of it. I’m seriously not sure if it’s any good or not.

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