Katabasis Update: version 1.1

First off, I just wanted to note that I released an update to Katabasis which should fix a bug where the end cutscene animation would freeze at the beginning. Crossing my fingers that I really did fix it, it’s hard to say for 100% certain. I also changed the title at the end to some text, quoted from the Vogul myth which the game is based on/about. Not sure if that was a good idea, but I’m just gonna leave it for now.

The download of 1.1 is, of course, avaiable here and on the IndieDB page.

Unfortunately, in keeping up with the Katabasis release I haven’t had much time to put towards the new Camillo project. Haven’t done too much visibly recently, but I made a lot of progress conceptually. Hopefully I’ll have to more to say (and show) about that soon.

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