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Theatre Update: Trees and Stuff

I made some trees and rocks and stuff. Started digging into the audio, too. Each node will have a unique sound: 7 tones by 7 timbres/texture (that’s what I’m thinking now at least). Decided on using tones from Pythagorean tuning, … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the Three Layers of Game Interaction

As with most things, interaction with games can be distilled into three layers: Physical (pressing buttons, moving mouse or joysticks), Virtual (moving within the game space, in a shooter this would be shooting guns), and Experiential. The third is, of … Continue reading

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Early Progress: The Theatre

I’ve made a lot of progress on the visual look of┬áThe Theatre (which is what I’m calling my new project now), so thought I’d post up some screenshots. I’m still very early on, but I’m really happy with how it … Continue reading

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