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Virtual Wilderness (Theatre Progress)

It’s been a little while since I posted a visual progress update for The Theatre, but I’ve been making a good amount of progress. I’ve been focusing almost entirely on the area outside the theatre itself (the “external”). It’s changed … Continue reading

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Katabasis released on Desura

Katabasis┬áhas just been released on Desura! Pretty late, compared to the release elsewhere, but that’s my fault. Oh well. Now it’ll be much easier to download and play (if you have Desura). For those who don’t know, Desura is a … Continue reading

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Hands of Creation: Procedural vs Intentional

In games, there are two major modes of world creation. The first is procedual, and while it’s not used all that often, is gaining in popularity. Basically, procedural generation means that the world is created randomly, within parameters set by … Continue reading

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