Research Time

This came in the mail yesterday:


This is the 1970 dissertation which contains the only English translation of Camillo’s L’idea del theatro. As far as I know, it’s the best collection of research into Camillo that exists. The author actually went to Italy for a year to uncover sources pertaining to the Camillo and his ideas. There’s a lot beyond the translation as well, all of which should prove fruitful. I paid quite a bit for it, but even skimming through it looks like it’ll definitely be worth it.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to dedicate a lot of time to digging into it in the coming weeks. I’m not sure how much “corporeal” work I’ll put into the game while reading; I’m afraid that actually reading L’idea will radically alter my ideas.

Last night I decided to totally re-think how the interaction with objects in (and out?) of the Theatre will work. I have some new ideas which I’m much more excited about than the pseudo-Amnesia style interaction that I’ve been trying to do unsuccessfully since Katabasis, so I might continue with those while reading. At this point I just feel like I should be spending more time researching now that I have the text at hand.

And just because, here’s a clip I recorded of the audio while moving through the exterior world of the Theatre. I’m pretty happy with how it’s sounding for now. The tones depend on where you are in relation to certain objects.

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2 Responses to Research Time

  1. Andrew Bell says:

    Please could you put up scans of the English translation of L’Idea del Theatro? This would be so helpful as there seems to be no way to find this.

    • tylersnell says:

      I can’t guarantee anything, but I might try to at some point. I don’t have a scanner, which makes it a little harder. If you’re interested in Camillo, though, I would definitely recommend getting the whole thesis dissertation if you can afford it. It’s a very comprehensive look at him and his ideas, and the author clears up a lot of errors and incorrect assumptions that all the other writers on Camillo have made.
      Taken on it’s own, L’Idea actually isn’t all that comprehensive of a view of the Theatre itself. To paraphrase the text, it was an oral summary intended for a person who had already had the whole thing explained to him in detail.

      Still very interesting though, as I said I might try scanning it at some point.
      You can order the dissertation from ProQuest in various formats. Expensive, but in my case it was definitely worth it. I think some university libraries have it, so that might be an option as well.

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