Theatre Progress: Research and Formulation

After another bout of research, visible progress on The Theatre is again gaining some needed momentum. I hit a point a couple months ago where I had to figure out some fundamental aspects of the game–namely, the seven variations for the seven planets–but I was totally at a lost for what to do.  The worlds of the seven tiers/mythological references of Camillo’s theatre I had figured out for a while, but in L’Idea, Camillo doesn’t really directly discuss the planets.  A long-needed delving into Kaballah (Camillo associates eight of the Sefirot with the seven planets), and an introduction into Pythagorean thought provided exactly what I needed to begin the visible work again.

I’m hoping to have some video soon, but I may need to separate and recombine various elements first. The Unity files are in a bit of a mess right now.

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