New/old directions


As usual, it’s been quite a while since my last update. I’ve been expanding on some concepts that I’ve had, which will add a lot of depth to the game. It’s turning out to be quite an expansive world, but of course it’s also becoming much more complex to create. What was going to be the whole game is now about 2/7ths of it. Although I’ve added a lot of difficulty for myself, it’s very exciting. A lot of smaller ideas are starting to really blossom out and take form.


One of my more recent goals has been to focus on specifically making the game for people, not for gamers. In my experience, the usual first person pc game controls (WASD and mouselook) tend to be hard for non-gamers to adapt to, and these people usually give up quickly. Rather than thinking of the controls as being from a first-person perspective, I’m trying to think of them as from an observational perspective. I haven’t given much if any creative thought to controls in the past and I think they deserve a lot more.


Further, I’ve been working on making the controls something that the player is forced to actively think about at times, while not requiring any pre-attained skill. I want the controls to be something that every player will think about, but not something that anyone will give up over. Going along with this is the idea of simply not explaining anything to the player. The theme relates to discovery and the uncovering of knowledge, so it only makes sense for this them to pervade even the physical controls. Or at least attempt to, it’s still unclear how far I’ll go with this.


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2 Responses to New/old directions

  1. Jan Weber says:

    I am reading Wolf Hall and for the first time, came across Guilio Camillo. I immediately Googled his name & came upon your blog. I am fascinated and look forward to your posts.

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