About Me

I am an independent and freelance game artist and developer. I first studied architecture for a year and a half at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which had a major formative influence on my design philosophy. Afterwards, I went to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, where I attained a BFA in Game Art. While at RMCAD, I developed my first game, Katabasis. I have a great love for animation, but my chief interests lie in creating compelling virtual spaces overlaid with ideas to explore.

I’m currently working on a new game, based upon the life and ideas of Giulio Camillo.

Portfolio: trsnell.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/tyler-snell/36/2b7/b20

Youtube: youtube.com/user/TSnellGameArt

Tumbler: trsnell.tumblr.com

Sounds Cloud: soundcloud.com/trsnell