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Katabasis released on Desura

Katabasis has just been released on Desura! Pretty late, compared to the release elsewhere, but that’s my fault. Oh well. Now it’ll be much easier to download and play (if you have Desura). For those who don’t know, Desura is a … Continue reading

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Katabasis Update: version 1.1

First off, I just wanted to note that I released an update to Katabasis which should fix a bug where the end cutscene animation would freeze at the beginning. Crossing my fingers that I really did fix it, it’s hard … Continue reading

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Quick Katabasis release update

Just a quick update about Katabasis: It’s now up on IndieDB (and ModDB, the sites are connected)! The file is hosted on their servers, so now it’s a single .zip file to download instead of two .rars. I also included … Continue reading

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DONE. Katabasis 1.0

Finally got a fully working build done of Katabasis! That’s right, you can now play this game that I have made. I hate this game. Well, mostly I just hated playing through it a million times. I’ve gotten to the … Continue reading

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Final Katabasis Teaser Trailer

Don’t have time to say anything (finalizing the game so I can release it tomorrow), but just thought I’d post this final trailer that I put together last night: The game itself should be up in the download section here … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh: Katabasis Design Thoughts

With only six weeks left to finish Katabasis, I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly it is and what I want it to be. Throughout the process of making it, I’ve been continuously stripping it down. A big part of this is … Continue reading

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Teaser Trailer and Demo Download!

Well. As I say half the time, it’s been a long time, but that’s because it’s been a very busy month. I have a pretty big update here, though: my first teaser trailer for Katabasis is up, as well as … Continue reading

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