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Research Time

This came in the mail yesterday: This is the 1970 dissertation which contains the only English translation of Camillo’s L’idea del theatro. As far as I know, it’s the best collection of research into Camillo that exists. The author actually went … Continue reading

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Dangit: Katabasis Delay

Yup. Had everything ready to go last night, then ran into a big problem with light maps and  something to do with how Unity handles loading textures. Basically, with baked light maps, the second level gets a lot of errors/crashes. … Continue reading

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Pixel Horrors: Home

Walking into Benjamin Rivers’ Home I had almost no expectations. I just knew that Superbrothers was excited about it, and that it looked similar to Lone Survivor and supposedly had some unique story-telling methods. Looking at screenshots, I was rather dubious at … Continue reading

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Update: Wolf Renders and Chapel Ruins

Nothing much to say, just wanted to do a quick update. Finally got around to posing the ol’ wolf creature in zbrush to do some renders for my portfolio. They ended up coming out fairly illustrative looking which isn’t really … Continue reading

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A New (and completely different) Work in Progress

I just finished my second to last semester of college. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it’s really exciting, but on the other it’s quite scary. My skills definitely aren’t at the point that I’d like them … Continue reading

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Teaser Trailer and Demo Download!

Well. As I say half the time, it’s been a long time, but that’s because it’s been a very busy month. I have a pretty big update here, though: my first teaser trailer for Katabasis is up, as well as … Continue reading

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Final(?) campsite update

This campsite scene has come quite a ways since my last post, most notably in props and lighting. I think I’m ready to call “done”, by which I mean I need to stop working on it and start working on … Continue reading

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