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The Poetics of Video Games: Realtime Dreams and Memories

One of the most interesting things to me about 3d games and virtual worlds is that no matter what, they’re always experienced through a two dimensional medium. Even with 3d glasses or virtual reality goggles, the third vector of space … Continue reading

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Back to work

Work on my own refractions of Camillo’s Theatre is beginning again. I recently finished reading An Examination of ‘L’Idea Del Theatro’ of Giulio Camillo […],¬†which is proving¬†indispensable, and I just finished a first pass of organizing the theatre–which apparently was … Continue reading

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Theatre Update: Trees and Stuff

I made some trees and rocks and stuff. Started digging into the audio, too. Each node will have a unique sound: 7 tones by 7 timbres/texture (that’s what I’m thinking now at least). Decided on using tones from Pythagorean tuning, … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the Three Layers of Game Interaction

As with most things, interaction with games can be distilled into three layers: Physical (pressing buttons, moving mouse or joysticks), Virtual (moving within the game space, in a shooter this would be shooting guns), and Experiential. The third is, of … Continue reading

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Quick Katabasis release update

Just a quick update about Katabasis: It’s now up on IndieDB (and ModDB, the sites are connected)! The file is hosted on their servers, so now it’s a single .zip file to download instead of two .rars. I also included … Continue reading

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DONE. Katabasis 1.0

Finally got a fully working build done of Katabasis! That’s right, you can now play this game that I have made. I hate this game. Well, mostly I just hated playing through it a million times. I’ve gotten to the … Continue reading

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Overdue Katabasis Update, and Now What

First of all, I apologize for this long-overdue update on the overdue Katabasis. I’m finally picking up steam on finishing up. Working on it exclusively for over a year, especially with how much time I was putting in at the … Continue reading

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