The Theatre: In Memory of Giulio Camillo


One of the most famous men of the 16th century, Giulio Camillo spent his life working on an idea. This idea was a Theatre. Existing in various conceptual forms, but very few physical forms, Camillo’s Theatre was intended to leave its audience enlightened through a complex system of mysticism and mnemonics. Some, himself included, saw Camillo as a Solar Magus with a divine mind. Many saw him as a fool lost in silly occultism. Shortly after his death, the once famous Camillo slipped into obscurity.

The Theatre: In Memory of Giulio Camillo is an attempt to refract Camillo’s idea through my own lens into a virtual world. I do not intend to create a precise and truly faithful recreation of Camillo’s Theatre, but rather to create an experiential encounter with the ideas themselves, while bringing in my own philosophies. The game will allow players to exist in this imaginal world.

More information about Camillo: Theatrics of Thought: A Study of Giulio Camillo and his Idea

(all screenshots are work in progress)

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